Project Completion

man working on a project

I find that many people feel overwhelmed with unfinished or even unstarted projects. Some projects are big and take a considerable amount of time and planning. Others can be completed in a few hours. If you are feeling overwhelmed with multiple uncompleted tasks that you never seem to be able to finish, working with a coach can help. Coaching can help you get your projects done and also leave you with skills to better manage as you go into the future.

Coaching project completion offers support, feedback and accoutability as you work to:

  • • recognize and change bad habits, such as procrastination
  • • develop a viable action plan
  • • implement the action plan, one step at a time
  • • prioritize
  • • organize
  • • overcome challenges as they appear
  • • attend to your feelings as you face challenges as well as successes
  • • celebrate successes

Dissertation coaching is a specific area that I learned from my own experience can move these types of long and demanding projects forward. I didn't have a coach, but I could have benefited from one. It took me ten years to complete my dissertation during which time I moved to another state and began a full-time career. I had a dissertation committee who supported my efforts, but those people changed over the ten years as did the direction of my research.

It was easy to put off my dissertation because the chunks of time I had to work on it were so small. I finally made it a priority and made a plan to treat each small piece as a completion. I rearranged my schedule to have larger blocks of time and set deadlines for myself and an accountability system. This paid off and I finished my dissertation in 1994.

I will be hapy to coach you through whatever unfinished projects are affecting your mood, how you think about yourself and how you live your life.