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Sue Kwiecien Ph.D.

Living the life you want

Life coaching can help you live the life you want. By learning to live intentionally, you can close the gap between what you want for your life and how you are currently living it. Whether you are thinking about a career change, want to achieve a more healthy lifestyle, or just want more balance in your life, coaching can help.

My beliefs about life coaching

  • • It is life changing.
  • • It is a collaborative relationship. You do not have to face challenges alone.
  • • It increases self awareness so that how you live your life flows from who you are.
  • • It releases "stuckness" from old habits, beliefs, fear of failure and of success etc.
  • • Barriers are often more perceived than real.
  • • It is absolutely possible to have what you want for your life.
  • • All of us face transitions in our lives that may or may not be of our choosing.
  • • With coaching you can feel completely supported with transitional changes.
  • • Coaching is not therapy, but often what is needed is action to move forward.