What is coaching?

Life coaching focuses on your life NOW and what you want it to be. Coaching addresses every area of your life so that you you experience deep satisfaction every time you make an intentional choice for yourself.

Often we find ourselves discontent about our work, our relationships, our unfinished projects or unfulfilled dreams. Life seems too busy and we feel we are doing the best we can do. Our complaints and self doubt leave us feeling stuck, with little energy to pursue change. This change is possible if we make different choices for our lives.

Routines and habits can prevent the best of intentions from being realized when we try to make these changes alone. It is possible to feel peace, contentment, tranquility, joy and satisfaction with all of your life. This "intentional living" occurs when how you choose to live your life flows from who you are.

As your coach, I work with you, starting from where you are right now. I guide you in ways that use your strenghts, talents, passion and vision to achieve the life you want.

In the coaching process, I help you look at energy drainers and other blocks to achieving your goals. Together we explore goals that fit with your values and interests. We then look at multiple pathways to get there.

Examples of coaching goals include:

  • • Starting a new career or business
  • • Planning for and adjusting to major life transitions
  • • Finding a more deeply spiritual approach to life
  • • Developing deeper relationships with self and others
  • • Becoming more health-conscious
  • • Writing a thesis

I am there to motivate you and to keep you on track when old habits pull you back. I offer you suppport and encouragement that is completely about you.

email suekw@yahoo.com phone 719-339-7447