Retirement for some of you may seem like the end of meaningful life, particularly if your work has largely defined who you are. But whatever your work has been, it has given you a sense of purpose and structure to your days.

I find that many people look forward to retirement as the absence of work, with only financial preparations made. Often people aren't aware that productive activity is important for well-being. Inactivity often leads to boredom, depression and deteriorating physical health. Recent studies show the positive impact of social engagement and productive activity on health and longevity, yet only about 10% of retirees have thought beyond financial preparedness.

It is essential to have a plan for retirement. Productive and healthy activity that includes involvement with other people can make retirement a joyful and very satisfying final stage of life. The ways in which you touch people and the wisdom you share will enrich your life and be what lives on after you.

Retirement coaching guides you to make a plan for meaningful activity with open spaces for whatever opportunities may come up. Being active and involved with others creates opportunities for travel, learning, creativity and contentment. The final stage of life can be the best.

It is true that the most consciously made retirement plans can suddenly and unexpectedly change course. Life takes unexpected turns no matter what our age. The probability of unanticipated change does not negate the importance of having a plan. In fact the more involved you are, the more support you will have in times of need. Life coaching can help you at whatever stage of retirement you are in. 719-339-7447