A primary focus for coaching is often relationships. Relationships can feel disappointing, frustrating and painful. It is easy to see where others fail us. It is much more difficult to recognize and acknowledge our own part in relationship interactions.

Creating and maintaining healthy relationships requires far more time and attention than most people realize. In any interaction we bring a large number of variables to the encounter, as does the other person. These variables include: expectations, ability to communicate, body language, past history, emotions, desires, attitudes and assumptions, value systems and coping mechanisms.

Only when we honestly look at ourselves and how we are falling short can we begin to change. We can only change ourselves. We do not have the power to change another person. Attempting to do so can make us feel powerless.

The coaching process connects you with yourself so that you can make conscious decisions about what you want. Relationship coaching builds on this confident and conscious relationship with yourself so that you can be fully present for the other.

I am experienced in coaching couples, siblings, friends and business partners.

In relationship coaching you will learn and practice:

  • • Identifying and owning your part
  • • Tuth telling
  • • Communication skills
  • • Recognizing and removing barriers to close relationships
  • • Clarifying what you want from and for your relationships
  • • Strategies for having great relationships