Health and Wellness

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Health is a foundation for wholeness and balance in your life. Without good physical and mental health, every other area of your life will suffer. While we may have good intentions to stop smoking, eat better, and exercise, it is difficult to develop and sustain new healthy habits. As a Medicare provider I see many seniors in my therapy practice who regret not taking better care of themselves. Many of the health problems I see people dealing with can be prevented through a change in lifestyle.

Working with a coach helps you establish a solid commitment to your health. Coaching guides and supports the plan that is right for you and helps you see where you are challenged in your commitment. Most importantly, coaching keeps you on track. Health is maintained and improved by:

  • • eating healthy foods
  • • exercising regularly
  • • stopping unhealthy habits
  • • effectively managing stress
  • • committing to a daily spiritual practice such as yoga, meditation or prayer 719-339-7447