Finding the Right Coach

An effective coach works with you as a whole person, even if you desire to focus on a single goal, such as career change. The coaching process flows from who you are, giving full consideration to the context in which you live.

While you may be uncertain about trying new things, perhaps due to experiencing disappointment or defeat in the past, you may be perceiving barriers that are not real. An effective life coach will join with you to help you take a new look at things. She or he will help you to appreciate and work with your strengths, talents and past successes and will fully support your steps to move forward.

Because of the importance of the coaching relationship to the success of coaching, it is essential to find a coach who has the following qualities:

  • • The ability to fully understand: who you are, what your intentions, goals, and dreams are, and where you sell yourself short.
  • • Integrity, trustworthiness, warmth, and empathy.
  • • Respectfully delivers honest/constructive judgment-free feedback.
  • • Provides a supportive relationship that is completely about you and your coaching goals
  • • Is responsive and celebrates your successes

I am happy to discuss how we would work together, and to learn if I am the right coach for you. Please see my contact information below, or go to contact me.