Career Change

woman at computer desk on top of a mountain

It is never too late to have the career and the life you want. We live in an age of rapidly changing technology, outsourcing and uncertainty. Career coaching gives you the opportunity to brainstorm about the possiblities for your future in a nurturing and supportive environment. As your coach, I help you develop a plan that fits for you based on your interests, talents, values and what you really want for your life. This plan may include job searching, continuing education and/or exploring an area you may have never considered before.

You may consider becoming self-employed. You may already be self-employed or a business owner. While self-employment can be gratifying, it can also be lonely. Success or failure depend upon your actions and decisions. As your coach, I act as your sounding board, providing you with valuable insight and feedback.

In the process of career coaching, you may decide that you don't want to change careers, but that you need something more from your current job. I help you look at the possibilities and how to proactively propose changes to your boss or team.

Career coaching can provide grounding, support and ideas no matter what your career situation is. If you are:

  • • feeling dissatisfied with your job
  • • have been displaced in this climate of rapid change
  • • are going back to working after some time
  • • are looking for a new career
  • • are going to work for the first time
  • • are self-employed or thinking about self-employment

consider career coaching to help you in your quest for satisfying life work. 719-339-7447