About me

Sue Kwiecien and granddaughter, Elena age one

Sue Kwiecien Ph.D.

I received life coach training through the Institute for Life Coach Training in 2001-2002. I subscribe to the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation to which I belong. MA (1982) and PhD (1994) degrees are from the University of Minnesota. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have lived in Colorado and have practiced psychotherapy here since 1987. I still see therapy clients.

I began working with coaching clients in 2002 and have honed a number of coaching skills over the more than 20 years I have done client-centered psychotherapy and worked with families: meeting clients where they are, using a collaboration process, listening for the meanings and desires behind the words, helping clients see where they hold themselves back, proposing alternative ways to think about or to do things, clarifying values and goals, assigning homework and using accountability.

I live in Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with my husband, where quality of life has been a realized goal. Grown children and grandchildren live in Minnesota and we see them often. We enjoy hiking trails that start at our door and have explored back roads and Colorado railroad and mining history in our jeep. We are very involved in our little community.